Here are my top tips on how to keep your long locks looking lovely!

Tips for Long Hair

  • It sounds counterproductive to long hair, but regular trims are essential to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy! If left for too long, split ends can travel further up the hair shaft, potentially resulting in breakage. A trim every 8-12 weeks is a good goal to aim for.
  • A healthy, varied diet is crucial – the right foods can really impact your hair’s health and growth rate. Foods like nuts, seeds, dark berries and oily fish are excellent for promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Limit the amount of heat you use on it to avoid unnecessary damage – try to stick to two/three times a week if possible.
  • Avoid over-washing your hair as this can strip it of its natural oils and lead to hair becoming more dry.
  • It sounds obvious but brush your hair gently! Hair is delicate and can easily break, especially when wet. Gently brush from start from the bottom up to avoid snapping and unnecessary damage – use a proper detangling brush like a Tangle Angel, (£14.95, www.tangleangel.com) to remove knots without pulling.

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