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Lisa Armstrong

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Celebrity makeup artist, Lisa Armstrong is at the top of the beauty game, favourite makeup artist of TV stars including Piers Morgan, Alan Carr and Stephen Mulhern and winner of the Royal Television Society Award recognising her high achievement in the television community.

As Chief Makeup and Hair Designer for Strictly Come Dancing she received the prestigious CRAFT BAFTA award for her team. Lisa not only has a glittering makeup career behind the scenes (literally, working with that Strictly glitter makeup) but she is also an experienced presenter on camera including BBC2’s It Takes Two with video beauty tutorials and makeup lessons showing how to apply makeup and sharing the tricks of her beauty trade.

You need to use makeup to bring out your best features, not hide behind it, to highlight rather than distract.

Lisa ArmstrongMake-up Artist

An Image Transformation

On the first episode of The UpDaters, 32 year old Hayley admits to never wearing makeup and always accessorising with giant earrings to create a distraction, “so people don’t look directly at my face”. Looking into Hayley’s makeup bag, Lisa can see that Hayley needs help, especially when it comes to makeup brushes.

It doesn’t take long for Lisa to convince Hayley that makeup can be game-changing when it comes to image. She starts by enhancing Hayley’s best feature, her eyes, and creating a makeup makeover that has Hayley gazing in the mirror at her image transformation with a new confidence that means she even ditches the earrings.