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Erica Matthews

London fashion stylist, image consultant and style editor, Erica Matthews is an influential arbiter of style  who ‘lives and breathes fashion’.  Her portfolio of fashion styling credits include Vogue UK, Vogue Australia, Stylist Magazine and visionary photographer, Nick Knight’s award winning fashion website SHOWStudio.  

With around 18,000 followers on Instagram and 8,000 subscribers to her YouTube channel Erica is used to presenting her invaluable styling tips and giving advice about styling as a career showing how what you wear is an essential part of making an impression be it for a profile picture, a date or a job interview.

There is so much power in fashion, literally you can transform the way you look and how you feel

Erica MatthewsTop Fashion Stylist
Arbiter of Style

Then Comes the Fun Part

In the first episode of The UpDaters, Erica gets to know Hayley from London to discover what she likes best about her body and is happy to emphasise, which in Hayley’s case is her shapely ‘rack’. Also an expert in colour analysis, Erica assesses what shades would suit Hayley’s  ‘autumn’ colouring and  pulls together a rail of clothes, selecting styles and colours which will not only make Hayley look good for a first date but also feel confident. 

Then comes the fun part, trying on different looks until, with her final choice of outfit for the style makeover, Hayley wows the team, brimming over with a new self-assurance when she sets off to meet her date.