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Matt Charlton

Matt is, without doubt, a person. He has also been a professional writer for over ten years. Starting at Radio 4, the comedy side of stuff has since included scribing for the likes of Charlie Brooker, Greg Davies, The GQ Awards, Royal Variety Performance, Greg James, this profile, and many other TV shows. He is also the host of music and comedy podcast ‘Side 1/ Track 1’.

The print and long-form side of things has seen him write satirical, musical, and travel pieces for Esquire magazine, The Telegraph, CLASH, Digital Spy, and The Book of Man amongst others. Basically, he knows words, and knows how to put them in some form of entertaining order. He is also allergic to emojis, so don’t make him eat one.

Anyone can have a great sense of humour. It's all about finding the right audience and having confidence in yourself.

Mark CharltonComedy Writer
It’s all about you!

Bring out your quirks, your personality

With Hayley, first and foremost, Matt had to get rid of the self-deprecation. Hayley had a great, quirky sense of humour, but it was important to externalise that instead of always making herself the butt of the joke. Humour, used properly, is one of the most attractive qualities, and Hayley embraced this by using the chuckles for good, not evil. 

Jason, meanwhile, was selling himself short.  He never seemed to be willing to take the lead in the conversation, and talk about his loves, passions, and the things he was good at.  For instance, until pushed, he’d neglected to mention that he’d been taught to cook by professional chefs! These are not boasts, they’re assets, and they painted a more three-dimensional picture of Jason, allowing him to start his dating quest on the front-foot.