Think the words in your dating profile don’t matter? Some well-constructed sentences with a sprinkle of personality here and there could be the difference between attracting Mr/Mrs Right rather than Mr/Mrs Right Wrong.

See below for my guide on how to make sure your dating profile stands out from the crowd.

Don’t try and be a catch-all

You are looking for someone specific, don’t try and appeal to everyone otherwise a) You will message with some right numpties, and b) You will go on dates with people you have nothing in common with. Don’t waste your own time.

Say it with words, not emojis

We’re neither toddlers or Ancient Egyptians, so we don’t need to communicate with pictures now do we.  You have the beauty of the English language at your fingertips, show your potential match how good you can be with it.

Cater to the audience you want to attract

Don’t hide your quirks. Obviously, if you re-enact battles in your free time, don’t make that your profile picture, but you want to end up with someone who shares your interests, right? If you supress your real self on the app, who are they going to meet if it gets to a date?

Be succinct, people don’t want to be confronted with blocks of text

…but at the same time not bullet points. Potential matches want to see a personality in there. Writing as if you’re doing a PowerPoint presentation isn’t the one, but then neither is being presented with a profile longer than War and Peace. Be personable yet succinct.

Phrases not to use:

I’m looking for a partner in crime; I enjoy long walks to the fridge; I never know what to write on these things; I’m in to all the usual stuff…; I work hard and play hard; I love to have fun; I love going out but am just as happy staying in…

Don’t open with negatives

Okay – you’re not looking for one nighters or people who ghost you after date two – we get it – but why open on something negative? That immediately fixes you in the mind of the reader as a negative, spikey person.

If you’re going to be negative, frame it in a positive way

If you’re going to say something like that, leave it until somewhere in the middle and sugar coat it – ie. ‘I’m loving, warm, and faithful, and am looking for someone similar.’

Be honest

If you aren’t, who is your match going to meet when you go on a date? Are you going to go on pretending? How about on your honeymoon? This sounds exhausting. Don’t start out with dishonesty – who is it helping exactly?

And finally, finish with a great sign off that will stick in the head. Always leave your audience wanting m…

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