Communications Expert

Kolarele Sonaike

A public speaking and communications expert Kolarele ‘Kola’ Sonaike is used to training people how to communicate with impact and give outstanding speeches. He is the founder of The Great Speech Consultancy and host of The Great Speech Podcast. Effective communication is essential for Kola as a practising barrister, also a speechwriter for executives and author of the public speaking guide How to Give a Great Speech. 

With his vast experience, Kola is the ultimate conversation coach with plenty of tips for everyone to help improve their communication skills whether for public speaking to a room full of people or getting to know someone on that first date.

What have you got to try and achieve with that first moment when you meet someone? Eye contact.

Kolarele SonaikeCommunications Expert

How You Communicate

For The UpDaters Kola is a key team member proving in the first episode with 32 year old Hayley from London, that image-building is not just about how you look in terms of hair, makeup and clothing but also how you communicate, including body language.

As well as emphasising the importance of eye contact when you first meet, he also checks out Hayley’s best joke for breaking the ice on a date. In Episode 2, Kola suggests that 40 year old divorcee, Jason asks “Why or how questions to draw out personality and emotion”. Following his advice, Jason is able to converse with confidence and learn more about his date, definitely upping his ‘chat game’.