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Abby Cohen

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Top portrait and lifestyle photographer, Abby Cohen has a natural talent for photography and working with people – or animals. She is used to a challenge whether photographing a crowded event, children or a thoroughbred horse creating great images come rain or shine.

Formerly married to England rugby star Ben Cohen and mother of twin daughters, Abby knows what it takes to change your life – and image. She had to.  With talent and determination she transitioned from her former role as a celebrity wife to that of a single mother and acclaimed professional photographer. Her portfolio featuring stunning natural portrait and lifestyle images is a testament to Abby’s ability to really ‘click’ with people.

I've seen some really horrendous dating profile pictures and it's quite easy to swipe them across.

Abby CohenPhotographer

A Photo speaks Volumes

Her natural photography talent for bringing out the best in people is what makes Abby  invaluable to The UpDaters. In this social media age, images are key to making an impression. As a picture paints a thousand words, so a good profile photo speaks volumes

For The UpDaters, 32 year old Hayley, who has been single for six years, and 40 year old divorcee Jason, have their hair, makeup and style makeover treatments from the image team but will their new looks by reflected by their profile photos on the dating site? This is where Abby comes in, showing them how to stand, use the light and look relaxed in front of the camera or mobile phone, capturing their new images for instant dating site results.