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The UpDaters meet 32 year old Hayley who has lost her confidence after being dumped six years ago. She tells the team ‘I don’t think I’m particularly beautiful’.

Hayley is proud of one thing though: ‘I have a reasonable rack!’ (that’s her boobs btw – not her favourite BBQ ribs). Hayley has been online dating but not having much luck. The UpDaters wonder whether that’s down to her choice of profile pics; including one where she looks like she is dressed as a Christmas tree.  Hayley, who is a super smart science writer and once won The Chase is given a complete overhaul from the team – and a new dating profile and profile pic. Then her new profile goes live on a dating site and there’s a surprise blind date – with a choice of three single guys to choose from.

Who will she pick? Will she find love?  Watch the show to find out!!!   Watch the first episode here on Tuesday 14th May from 20:00 GMT

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