Top ten pampering tips to help you look and feel your best

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Feeling the post-Christmas / January blues? We’ve got you covered!

Watch beauty and wellness guru, Sylvia Krcahova, telling us her top 10 pampering tips for getting through the day when times are tough (and even when they’re not…).

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Sylvia K's top ten tips

1. How we start our day and what we tell ourselves matters. Try some daily affirmations and really reflect on what you’re grateful in your life – no matter how small. It’s not about being overly positive and lying to yourself, life is hard, but it’s important to remember that there is still so much good.

2. Breathe! Take some mindful deep breaths when you wake up. Sylvia suggests breathing in for 7, holding for 5, and breathing out for 11. Try doing this a couple of times in the morning and set yourself up for success in the day ahead.

3. Give your day a purpose – something you plan to achieve.  Although this may be difficult in lockdown, Sylvia says that if you set your intention for the day – you can’t go wrong.   It doesn’t have to be something massive.  It can even be ‘I want to attack that pile of ironing that has been annoying me’ or to do a bit of exercise.  Once you’ve achieved your goal you’ll feel great.

4. Brush your body – Sylvia suggests investing in a body brush to help remove dead skin cells and stimulate the circulation so that you (and your skin), feel better and brighter.    It can also help with cellulite.    Check out some suggestions for body brushes here.

5.  Start your day off with a…cold shower! Sylvia says to try and take a cold shower for 2 minutes in the morning to shock your system and have a full rejuvenating reset.  Or if you can’t manage two minutes – 10 to 20 seconds should suffice.

6. Give yourself a mini-facial. Nothing says luxury or self-care like an at-home facial!. Not only does it feel like a treat but it also means you’re taking the time to properly look after your skin. Sylvia’s top tip is to get yourself a Foreo brush! They vary in price from £29 for a mini disposable version up to £139 for the Mini Luna  .  You can buy one here.

7.Sylvia says to give your body a ‘spring clean’ with a detox. We all know that rich food, chocolates and booze at Christmas can leave us feeling bloated and groggy.  Sylvia suggests going on a health kick for a couple of weeks – treat your body with kindness.   It’s all obvious but try to cut out sugary snacks, cut out alcohol and sip hot water with lemon juice during the day or get juicing.  Your body and your skin will thank you for it.

8. Put the effort in even when you feel like being lazy. We’ve all been there – it’s 8am, you have no Zoom calls, you won’t see anyone but your family, and you’re left with the choice of going to the effort of putting some clothes on or staying in your PJs. The best option seems clear. And comfy. However, Sylvia tells us that you should get dressed no matter what – and if you’re a make-up wearer slap some of that on too.

9. Get outdoors – take a walk in your local park, sit by the river, do some exercise outside. Nature is so important to boost your mood but also – just the simplicity of breathing in fresh air from the outside can do wonders for your overall health and wellbeing.

10. Create a spa in your bathroom. Get really indulgent with yourself – you deserve it. Have a bath, using Epsom salts (see below to buy), light candles, use essential oils, bath bombs. It can be so easy to think we don’t have time for something like this, but we think it’s worth carving out some time just for you!    We’ve chosen a selection of products you can use here.

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