Are you worried about how you’re going to keep your locks looking luscious in lockdown?

Richard Ward’s exclusive guide to making sure your hair stays looking gorgeous.

And don’t forget to check out Richard’s video on how to do a simple cut and style on a loved one in lockdown + there’s a competition where you can WIN a haircut with Richard himself at his Chelsea Salon!



Richard’s Top Tips

For most of us having hair that looks good and doesn’t have a nasty strip of grey down the middle, is super important.  So, one item on many people’s list of  ‘must dos’, when it became clear that coronavirus was going to change our lives irrevocably, was booking an emergency trip to the hairdressers. (even the editor of this website was seen in Boots bulk stockpiling boxes of dye)

Like all the other hairdressers in Britain,  the UpDaters Royal and Celebrity stylist, Richard Ward has had to close down his lovely Chelsea salon temporarily.  However – for lucky readers of www.updatersmakeover.com, he is going to be giving us tips and videos to help us and our hair to look and feel good during the crisis.

For starters, here are his top tips for hair in lockdown.

If you have any haircare questions for Richard, leave them in the comments box below.

1. Don't box-dye your hair at home

If you can bear it, please try not to dye your hair yourself.     I know a badger streak at the roots isn’t the look that most of you are aiming for but, believe me, your hairdresser will thank you for staying away from the dye section at the supermarket – and so will you.

But why?  I hear you ask… Well firstly, box colour can be VERY hard to remove, let alone get right and you could be looking at MONTHS (and £££) of trying to colour- correct it in salon.

Instead, opt for a root-touch-up mascara or powder until you can get back to the salon for a visit.

I recommend my Richard ward Chelsea London Root-Touch mascara £7, available at Waitrose (available in most hair colours).

2. Don't cut your own fringe!

As tempting as this can be, it can go VERY wrong.  We’ve all seen the videos – and perhaps even sported a wonky fringe, from a home haircut, when we were kids.   Cutting a fringe properly requires special techniques and a trained eye.

If it’s getting to a tricky length, think about braiding it back or using accessories to sweep it off your face. Trust us on this!!

3. Use extra time to treat your languishing locks

When you’re commuting to work and generally rushing around, it can be difficult to find the extra time for masques and treatments.   But, with many of us spending more time at home, it is the ideal opportunity to ramp up your haircare routine.  Pretend you’re in your own spa and it will really cheer you up – as well as relaxing you!


Apply a masque or deep-conditioning treatment for 15 – 20 minutes – go the extra mile and wrap it in a hot towel if you can.  Then, relax and let your hair soak up all the moisture it needs.

I love my Richard Ward Chelsea London Anti Ageing Argan Masque for an intense hit of hydration (£6 from Waitrose).

4. Master the art of *that* styling trick

Not every day needs to be a bad hair day in lockdown!    Whether it’s tonging, blow drying or braiding, use your spare time to get the hang of that styling trick you’ve always wanted to master.  Don’t forget to use a heat protector while you’re practising.   I use my Richard Ward Chelsea London 10-in-1 Multi-Tasking Spritz, which also adds volume, shine and bounce (£6 from Waitrose).

5. Invest in a silk pillowcase

Yes, you read that right!    Treat yourself and your hair to a bit of luxury at home;  swapping a normal pillowcase for a silk one could make all the difference to your hair.

A regular cotton pillowcase has a slightly abrasive texture that can snag the hair and cause tangles overnight.   Cotton also absorbs oil and moisture, meaning it can also leave your hair feeling dry; the smoother silk texture helps avoid tangles, reduce static and breakage and it doesn’t absorb moisture from your hair or skin.  John Lewis have a lovely range, like this one at £45 from The Ultimate Silk Collection.

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