A Giant Phone

In the lead up to our very first makeover shoot, The Updaters exec producer, Yvonne Alexander, had a sleepless night. The brilliant experts were in place, we had a great location in Richard Ward’s chic Metrospa but what was missing was a cool device to showcase profile pictures, messages and results of the makeover.

We needed – A giant phone. But did such a thing exist?

A quick Google search by producer/director, Andy Cook, revealed that it does! 

The Giant iTab is exactly like a smart phone but 100 times bigger.   It has a touch screen and runs apps, websites, videos, games and social media exactly like a normal-sized phone. Genius. On the day of filming the Giant iTab arrived. The 55” version proved to be too ‘giant’ for the room so we opted for the 42” version.    A nice man from the company’s technical team set it up for us and we were up and running.

The Giant iTab, with its unique combination of hardware and software, has been around since 2011.  It has been used by over 500 companies around the world and the development team, based in London, ensure that the product is constantly evolving.

CEO, Mark Jones says:
‘Our culture is creative, challenging, slightly nerdy, but also really entrepreneurial… we believe in hard work, but that work shouldn’t always be hard, it can be fun too; we’re playing on giant phones after all.’

The Giant iTab has multitude of uses – you can use it to showcase your products or services at an exhibition, present your latest marketing strategy to your CEO – or  hire it for your kid’s birthday party.  You can even use make Skype calls on it and the 27” version has a built-in camera. We’re delighted with how it looks in the show –  and we all loved playing with it.   We couldn’t keep Matt and Kola off it during filming breaks!

If you’d like to hire your own Giant iTab get in touch with them at www.giantitab.com

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