So what’s your routine, these days?

Unless you’re a key worker (and MASSIVE respect to you if you are) then your new, daily routine, like ours is probably:

  • Wake up
  • Put on trousers with elasticated waistband
  • Don’t bother with a bra
  • Find a clean hoodie
  • Put on slippers
  • Stay dressed like that all day
  • For exercise change into leggings and trainers

So, the one positive of lockdown, is the opportunity to dress for comfort. But, that doesn’t mean that you want to completely let yourself go.

To help you, here are some of our current favourite loungewear looks.    So, whether you’re lounging, cooking, sleeping, exercising or on a conference call with your colleagues,  you can be comfy (and stylish) all day long.    Click on the links to buy.  Lots of the items are on sale at the moment.

Please note:

Prices may not be as advertised


Usually baggy is more comfortable but our tip is to go for a nice, bright colour, with some texture to the fabric, like satin or velvet.    That way, even though you’re spending most of your time indoors you can still feel slightly glamorous.   Plus, if you are called on to do a video call at short notice, even if it’s with family members, you won’t look or feel like you’re still in your pyjamas.   Try not to wear the same top for more than two days on the run!

We love the deep, jewel colour of this V neck satin sweatshirt from John Lewis. As well as being comfortable it will also look good for any video conferencing you take part in – and who’s to know that you’re not wearing a bra underneath!  Click here to buy

Breton tops always look clahttp://tidd.ly/749172ddssy and this one, which is just £28 from Boden has the classic french navy stripe but with a design twist of colourful stripes on the sleeve. Comfy but chic and a good one for those days when you don’t want to wear something too baggy.   It’s also a great choice at this time of year when you’re never sure whether it’s going to be hot or a a bit chilly.    (You might have to wear a bra underneath – but perhaps choose a non-underwired bralet, for comfort ). Buy your Breton top here!

Velour is one of the comfiest fabrics out there. There’s something about its velvety softness that makes you want to curl up with a cup of cocoa.   But, the great thing about velour, is that it is glamorous as well as comforting.  This steel great set from  ASOS will having you looking relaxed and elegant in lockdown – even if you’re tearing your hair out with kids running around the house!    The top is reduced from £27  to £18.90 and if we were you, we would also invest in the matching joggers at £27. Buy here now! 

If you feel like splashing out on something gorgeously glam and comfy,  we can thoroughly recommend investing in one of these lovely cashmere/satin mix Vikander jumpers from  Amanda Wakeley .  This one is just £175 in the sale.    We would have one in every colour if we could! Buy it by clicking here!


There is no doubt about it: There is nothing more comfy than an elasticated waistband and when else would you be given express permission to wear them day in, day out, apart from now.    It’s wise to put trousers or a skirt with a waistband on, from time to time, to check that you’re not expanding in lockdown – but enjoy!  Here are some of our faves.

Even if you’ve never done a downward dog in your life, yoga pants are just the comfiest things.  Given that lycra is pretty unforgiving, they are also very flattering and make, pretty much every posterior, look perky!    Black is the obvious and the best colour.   The bootleg cut might feel a tad démodé but it’s the only way to wear them.     This pair  – £48 from John Lewis are perfect. Buy by clicking here. 

Okay, so dungarees might not be the first item of clothing that springs to mind then you think of loungewear but check out this pair from New Look.   They will look really good with a long-sleeved T shirt underneath (or even your Breton top, above).   And the best thing – they’re down to £16 in the sale! Get them by clicking here. 

When we think of loungewear we usually think of trousers, but an elasticated skirt can be just as comfortable – if not more so.    We love this pull on one from  Simply Be. It also has a wide waistband to flatten your tummy and comes in sizes up to 24.   Wear it with sneakers, like the model in the photo or, when we’re out of lockdown, you can dress up with heels.   Although there is nothing to stop you dressing yourself up to the nines now, of course.  Even if it is just to take the bins out! Click here to buy

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